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BandMate: Concert Tipster
BandMate: Concert Tipster


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BandMate Common Solutions
  • Jail-broken devices: BandMate works well on jail-broken devices, so long as you don't have an app installed to spoof your location. If you do, make sure you disable it for BandMate. You won't need it anyway since BandMate let's you select the location you want to see the listings for.
  • Clear out the events list: An easy fix when things seem to be out of whack is to clear out all the event data. This will make BandMate rebuild the list from scratch and will get rid of any extra baggage it's picked up over the years. On the iPad, tap the info tab and the "Clear all event data" button. On the iPhone, tap the "More" tab, the "Options" button, and then the "Remove all events" button.