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Tipsee - Using the Calculator

  • What do I need to enter?
  Only your meal total. Tap the number next to "Food and Drink" to pop-up the numeric keypad.

  • What about the tax?
  Tipsee figures out the tax for you based on the default tax rate (we'll show you how to set that below). However, you can always just tap on the tax amount and punch the number in yourself.
  • How about the tip percentage?
  Tipsee will put your preferred tip percentage in by default. To use the percentage from the timer instead, just click the button. You can also tap the percentage and set it by entering a value via the numeric keypad.
  • Okay, now how do I set those default values?
  Click on the info button to flip to the calculator options page.

  • Great! Now I've just got to split the bill with my fellow diners...
  Easy! Just enter the number of guests and Tipsee provides an even spit for you.
  • Ah. yes, but I did eat that $10 dessert all on my own...
  No problem. Click on the "Adjust" button to bring up the Adjustments screen:


Now simply add the amount to your share. Tipsee recalculates everyone's tip and total (including the tax) based on the adjustments.