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Tipsee - Using the Timer

  • What's it for?
  By keeping track of the time you spend waiting for service, Tipsee's timer helps guide you to an appropriate tip for the level of service received.
  • How do I use it?
  It begins with the tip percentage set to one you would consider excellent service. Tap the timer to start sending the sand (and the tip percentage) down. Tap it again to stop.
  • I made a mistake, how can I add or remove time?
  Simply drag two fingers up or down on the timer and the sand will follow.
  • How do I start fresh?
  Just give it a quick shake!
  • Do I need to leave Tipsee open in order to keep the timer running?
  Nope. You can exit Tipsee to run other applications and the timer will keep on ticking.
  • How do I set the maximum tip, minimum tip, etc.?
  Click on the info button to flip to the timer options page.